A Short History of Showers

Glass Cutting Minneapolis | GlassandShowerOutlet.comFrom ancient Egypt to today, showers have had a long and interesting past. Today, we have wonderful hot showers with distinctive styles, but it always hasn’t been that way!

One of the earliest examples of showers has been found in Ancient Egypt. In these times, servants would poor water over the head of their masters as they bathed. Fast forward to Ancient Greece and you’ll find what is more or less the modern shower. In these times, there were public showers with plumbing and shower heads – the only difference is the showers would usually be ice cold. Cold showers were the norm for most people until the late 19th century, when Benjamin Waddy Maughan patented the first residential water heater. As homes slowly started to get indoor water throughout the 20th century, most Americans began taking warm showers, as it was shown to be more hygienic than cold showers.

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