Advantages of a Glass Tabletop

Custom Glass MinneapolisGlass is more versatile than people think and can be a great choice for a tabletop. There are different types of glass that can be cut to any size and used for a variety of purposes. If you are considering a glass tabletop, count on our business for custom glass in Minneapolis. Here are some of the advantages of a glass tabletop.

Stylish in any Decor

Some people think that glass only works well in a contemporary or modern setting. However, glass can complement a vintage look or traditional décor and can also look good in any room of your house. Glass allows you to change the look of a room without having to replace the table.

Protect Wooden Tabletop

If you have a new expensive wooden table, an antique, or an older table beginning to show its age, adding a glass tabletop can offer it protection. Your table will not be harmed by scratches, spills, dents, and sunlight. It will allow the beauty of the piece to shine through and also extend its life.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a glass tabletop is very easy and quick. All you need is a soft cloth or paper towel and glass cleaner to make your glass tabletop clean and shiny. Unlike wooden furniture, you will not need to polish it.


Glass can be used in a DIY project by adding it to an old trunk, a vintage sewing machine, or even a barrel. There is no limit to the number of things that could be made into a table by adding a glass top. Also, since glass is transparent, you will be able to see a beautiful rug under the table.

Ability to Customize

Glass is available in several different types including textured, frosted, or clear, and it can be cut to fit your needs. Glass also comes in different thicknesses so you can add more strength to the tabletop.

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