Minneapolis Glass Experts Are Local

Minneapolis glassGlass & Mirror Outlet, Inc. first opened in 1994, and since then the team of enthusiastic Minneapolis glass experts has worked with homeowners and contractors alike to help each and every customer create the perfect glass features. Whether you need something for your home or your business, this is the go-to place in Minneapolis for all things glass.

From the obvious places like the bathroom and kitchen to the less common areas like the living room or bedroom, clients have found what they are looking for and even more in Glass & Mirror Outlet’s impressive array of high-end products. Meet both aesthetic and functional needs with our range of hands-on glass services and pre-fabricated glass products and features, which include:

  • Shower Doors
  • Home and Office Windows
  • Glass Replacement
  • Glass Repair
  • Custom Glass Accessories
  • Mirrors and Glass Decor
  • Other Glass Services

At Glass & Mirror Outlet you can find glass and mirrors that vary in shapes, sizes, and styles. These are truly the Minneapolis glass experts! Many of their most popular styles and designs are on display at their local showroom. Take a walk through the expansive showroom and see what these popular options look like in real-world application scenarios.

If these pre-made options do not meet your needs or if you have something extra special and unique in mind, then you need to take advantage of our custom glass fabricators and let us help you create something in-house with our own glass experts.

For more information regarding the amazing glass services that are available from Glass & Mirror Outlet, stop by and see us, check us out online, or contact us today. Get your free estimate and talk to a Minneapolis glass expert today about your wants, needs, and dreams. So if you are in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs, head over and check us out today.

Tempered Glass — Minneapolis Glass Done Right

tempered glass in MinneapolisOf all the rooms in the modern day home, the one that seems to get the most attention for makeovers and is also one of the first ones to get remolded in the home is the bathroom. A lot happens in the bathroom and we spend a lot of time in there, day in and day out, week after week.

It makes sense that we want it to be relaxing, functional, and attractive. One of the first things many people do is revamp their shower/tub setup. Glass showers seem to be a popular item on the remodel list. Not only are tempered glass shower enclosures a wonderful way to improve the look of your bathroom, they also an add value to your home as a whole.

Did you know many benefits come with glass shower doors? Here are just a few you need to know about using tempered glass in Minneapolis bathrooms:


Kicking off your bathroom remodeling project with a glass shower door or enclosure adds a unique flare to your decor and can be a great way to show off your style in this frequently used room.


All quality glass enclosures are made from strong tempered glass, which holds up better than any other to the wear and tear of everyday use and those bumps and bangs that others can’t endure.


Tempered glass in Minneapolis is common in the bathroom because it can be used to create unique styles and designs that can be used in shower door and enclosures.


A glass shower is one upgrade you can do that will instantly add value to the home if you are selling, which makes for a quick and easy way to get more for your home on the market


A lot can be done with glass shower enclosures and there is a lot of versatility for style which allows you to create a look that is unique to you and your home’s decor.

To see firsthand how great tempered glass in Minneapolis can be, check out all the options available from Glass and Mirror Outlet!

Bathroom Glass and Mirror Work Made Easy

glass cutting in MinneapolisSince our company was first started, we have served the greater Twin Cities Metro Area with a high standard of quality and excellence that is not seen anywhere else in the area. At our state of the art showroom, we welcome you in and take you on a guided tour of our impressive selection of high-end glass and mirrors.

For over 20 years, our company has continued to make a name for itself thanks to our selection, quality, service, prices, and workmanship. Whether you need help updating your bathroom with a new walk in all glass shower setup or if you want some custom mirror and glass work piece for your home decor, we have everything you could want and more!

It is easy to see why we are the ones people turn to for glass cutting in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas!

We are able to help you find the perfect glass solution, including:

  • Shower Doors: Basic to complex we can make any design a reality for you
  • Glass Windows: Add that perfect final touch to your home with quality window design
  • Framed Mirrors: Perfect wall decor pieces are easy to find in our showroom
  • Antique Mirrors: We have a selection of beautiful antique pieces too
  • Glass Tables: Glass top tables are all the rage so get yours now
  • Glass Shelving: Glass shelving is a new trend we can introduce you to
  • Custom Glass Fabrications: Whatever you want we will work to make it happen for you

When that rare event comes around where we don’t have what you want or need on hand, no need to settle for less than your dream piece. We can bevel glass in our own shop — something no one else in the area can do. Our team is make custom mirror and glass pieces for you so there is never a need to settle for less than the best.

Glass Shower Doors Make Any Bathroom a Spa

glass shower doors in Minneapolis So, you are going to remodel your bathroom. And, why not? In general, remodeling a home has a great return on investment (ROI). Specifically, bedroom and bathroom remodels are some of the most popular and carry high ROIs. So, you are not alone in this department.

One decision you may face when redoing your shower is do want to so with a shower curtain or do you want to install shower doors? Our experts in glass shower doors in Minneapolis have weighed in with these reasons to go the latter route.

The Main Benefits of Glass Shower Doors:

They add luxury to your bathroom. Sure there are a lot of very nice and tasteful shower curtains out there and they can run the whole spectrum of styles from artsy to fun. They can add flair but can they add luxury? Glass shower doors elevate the look of the entire bathroom. You can further their enhancement value by adding color or texture. You can really create a spa feel when you have these kinds of doors line your shower. You are no longer just bathing, you are having an experience.

They make the space appear larger. Shower curtains cut the bathroom. They separate the shower from the rest of the space. That can be fine if yours is large but if it is not, you might want something that opens the room up the way only glass shower doors can. Light passes through and bounces off of them making the room bright and big.

They are easier to clean. While glass shower doors are easy to clean and keep clean, it is always a pain to wash shower curtains. That makes them the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. There are even products that will do most of the work to clean the glass shower doors while you are showing, easy!

Why Glass Shower Doors Are Better Than Shower Curtains

Glass Shower Doors MN | GlassandMirrorOutlet.comDo you want glass doors for your shower or a shower curtain? There are some advantages to both but glass shower doors in MN are an especially good idea.

Glass shower doors make the room look a lot bigger. When you have a shower curtain, you cut the room by quite a bit. Even clear shower curtains are opaque because of water stains that are hard to remove. Glass shower doors give the impression of being a bigger bathroom. This is especially important for really small bathrooms when you can use all the space you can need.

Glass shower doors look more elegant. There are a wide variety of styles and colors that you can select to make your shower elegant and stylish. Yes, you can also get a lot of varieties of shower curtains but none look as crisp, clean, and elegant as a glass shower door.

You get warmer showers with glass shower doors. Some heat has to be lost through the shower curtain but a lot less is lost when you have glass shower doors. The door traps in the heat from the water, giving you a better experience.

Glass doors are easier to clean. Mold is a constant threat to any bathroom. You can easily dry off your glass shower doors after each use, which cuts down on the chance they can get mold. Also, cleaning takes some glass cleaner and a cloth. When you have a shower curtain, you have to go through the hassle of taking it down, washing it and then putting it back up again. That is a far more time-consuming and painful process to go through. That’s why so many of us delay doing it all.

Shower curtains can be cute and fun but glass shower doors are really special.

Staying Cool with Low-E Double Pane Windows

1No matter where you live in the country, things can really heat up when the sun comes out. This is even true right here in Minneapolis. Whether you are moving into a new home or just interested in improving your energy costs, you can rely on the team at the Glass and Mirror Outlet to provide you with great glass in Minneapolis. We have many options available, including low-E double pane windows.

So, what makes low-e double pane windows so great? There are a variety of reasons you should invest in these windows. The most important thing these windows do is decrease the amount of ultraviolet light that comes into your home. This effectively cools your home as you won’t have to turn on your AC as often. Furthermore, reducing the amount of UV light prevents floors from fading. People who live in a home with openings that receive excessive sunlight have discovered that these window options are perfect for their needs.

Are you ready to work with one of the best glass installation companies in Minneapolis? Contact the team at Glass and Mirror Outlet to learn more about our new glass window installation services. We are perform services throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburban areas.

Choosing a Frameless Shower Door: The Checklist

1There are so many things to consider when it comes to a bathroom remodel job. From the fixtures, to the finishes, to the tiles and beyond, bathroom makeovers are a lot more involved than they might initially seem, even though these tend to be the smallest rooms in the house.

Among the decisions you need to make is the shower. After deciding to keep the shower stall separate from the bathtub, you need to decide on the shower enclosure and door. In order to help ensure that this decision is a sound one that meets your needs, make sure you ask yourself the following questions first.

What Type of Enclosure Is the Ideal Fit?

You’ve got options here, depending on the size of your bathroom and shower stall. Consider these choices:

  • Double or single doors
  • Sliding or swing doors
  • Panel doors
  • Curved doors

Gorgeous shower doors in Minneapolis can fit in just about any space; it’s just a matter of selecting the ideal design to fit your space appropriately.

What Type of Glass Do You Like Best?

Glass doesn’t just come in one version. There are many types to choose from for your shower door, including the following:

  • Classic clear
  • Patterned
  • Textured
  • Satin-etched

Some people like clear glass, while others tend to opt for the patterned or textured versions to provide a heightened level of privacy. Whatever your choice, having a glass shower door enclosure will add a highly reflective and decorative element to your bathroom.

What Type of Hardware Do You Prefer?

After you’ve chosen the type of glass you want on your shower door, you need to select the hardware to go along with it:

  • Knobs
  • Pulls
  • Towel bars
  • Robe hooks
  • Color
  • Finish

Making these selections can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. But with the expert help of Glass and Mirror Outlet, we can step in and help you make the decision that’s right for you and your home.

The Easiest Remodel Step: The Shower

1When it comes to remodeling your bathroom one of the easiest ways to give the space a new look and feel is to update the shower and tub area. A common option is to go with a modern, sleek, and stylish glass enclosure for the shower areas. If you are searching for someone to meet your glass shower and tub needs, do not settle for less than the best! You need the expert care and attention that Glass and Mirror Outlet can provide when it comes to shower doors in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

Our company specializes in helping customer design the perfect bathroom getaway and we also work to help customer choose the right look for them: custom-made shower doors, frameless shower enclosures, bathtub enclosures, and more! With more than 21 years of experience, our team of design and remodeling experts deliver the utmost in quality, and treat each and every customer with the respect and service that they deserve.

You can rest assured you are getting the best of the best when you call on us for all your glass needs in Minneapolis. We specialize in all kinds of glass and mirror products and designs so whatever your remodeling project may be for your bathroom, we can help you find the look you want at prices that are very affordable! Come see for yourself why we are one of the most trusted names when it comes to shower doors in Minneapolis and the nearby areas!

No matter what you want or need, Glass and Mirror Outlet has what you need to complete your project- and it is all available for a fraction of the price the other guys charge. So stop wasting time and money with the pretenders out there and trust the glass and mirror experts of Minneapolis! Let us take care of you and your project and show you why we are the name people trust for all of their shower doors in Minneapolis!

Hiring a Professional for Your Shower Doors

1The bathroom is a sacred place for many homeowners for numerous reasons. It is not only a place of privacy, but it can be a place of peace and solitude. One of the most relaxing parts of your day can be the short time that you spend in the shower.

Because the shower is such an important area, you’ll want to ensure that it is up to date with the latest technology and design so that you can enjoy being in it not only for its environment, but for its appearance as well. For glass shower doors, Minneapolis has special professionals for your shower needs: Glass & Mirror Outlet.

Utilizing their Experience

Hiring a professional is going to get you the ultimate results that you want. Many of these professionals have years of experience installing shower doors, so you are going to receive a service that is not only quality, but it is backed by knowledge. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to install your own shower doors, hiring a team who has been doing the job for years will ensure that everything is done correctly and in a timely fashion.

Choosing the Right Doors

It can be hard to decide which doors are right for your shower. While it is important to choose a design and style you like, a professional will know what other benefits the doors can serve, such as ease of opening or cleaning. These qualities will be important once the doors have been installed in your shower. If you have children, for example, you’ll want doors that are easy to open so that showering isn’t a hassle.

Your shower is as important as any other area in your home, so it should be treated as such. Contact a team that can handle anything from repairs to installation to provide you with the best results possible for your shower needs.

Customize Your Bathroom with Frameless Shower Doors

Glass & Mirror OutletImagine owning your dream home and still having to improve upon some things. Maybe you need to do some landscaping outside, install a pool, or get the driveway professionally paved. One thing you always may have thought was lacking, even when looking at the house for the first time was the bathroom. Did you ever envision your own personal oasis in your own home? Sure spa tubes are amazing in their own right, but why not make a glass shower enclosure with frameless shower doors the center of attention?

Let’s say you have a lavish idea of having a glass shower enclosure front and center in the bathroom, but it will be against the wall and enclosed by a half tub on the outside. On either side of the enclosure, his and hers vanity sink and mirror! This way, you both can get your own personal space and never be fighting over who gets ready first. Just imagine having your own personal spa to relax and unwind in after a tough day or when you’re feeling down to lift your spirits.

This is of course only one idea out of the hundreds that we can come up with for you if you’re looking for your own custom glass and shower enclosure. Glass and Mirror Outlet is here to serve you and the Greater Minneapolis Area!