Choose Glass Shower Doors in MN over Shower Curtains

Enjoy the view from your glass shower enclave and be free from the constraints of a bulky shower curtain. Choose a new glass shower doors in MN from our expansive showroom or let us craft the door you need that perfectly fits your existing bath area.

Why should you choose a glass shower door over a shower curtain? We offer a number of reasons culled from our experience over the years. Many of our customers have added custom showers to replace unsightly bathtubs with glass shower doors in MN. We have served many satisfied homeowners throughout the Twin Cities and in the surrounding areas.

All shower curtains don’t deserve a bad rap. But many of them contain chemicals in the vinyl or plastic that are not healthy when mixed with heat, water, and soap. For a long time, the culprit lurking in shower curtains has been identified as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unfortunately, these chemicals don’t keep mold and mildew from forming on the curtain, adding a new level of dirt and toxicity to the mix.

Upgrade your home with a glass shower in the bathroom. At the same time when you add an updated look, you add extra value to your home while enjoying a more appealing décor. Some of the most common reasons to replace your shower curtains with glass shower doors in MN from the conveniently located Glass & Mirror Outlet include:

  • No Mold or Mildew
  • Squeegee Off for an Easy Clean
  • Modernize the Bathroom
  • Add a Larger Sense of Space
  • No More Clingy Curtains

The Glass & Mirror Outlet specializes in glass shower doors in MN, including specially made doors to fit frameless, semi-framed, and framed shower enclosure styles. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable about the many shower door options currently available. With so many choices on hand for you to peruse, you are sure to find the one that suits your needs.

Contact the staff at our showroom to request a free consultation. We can walk you through our styles of glass shower doors in MN and help you find the perfect selection for your needs

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