Glass Shower Doors Make Any Bathroom a Spa

glass shower doors in Minneapolis So, you are going to remodel your bathroom. And, why not? In general, remodeling a home has a great return on investment (ROI). Specifically, bedroom and bathroom remodels are some of the most popular and carry high ROIs. So, you are not alone in this department.

One decision you may face when redoing your shower is do want to so with a shower curtain or do you want to install shower doors? Our experts in glass shower doors in Minneapolis have weighed in with these reasons to go the latter route.

The Main Benefits of Glass Shower Doors:

They add luxury to your bathroom. Sure there are a lot of very nice and tasteful shower curtains out there and they can run the whole spectrum of styles from artsy to fun. They can add flair but can they add luxury? Glass shower doors elevate the look of the entire bathroom. You can further their enhancement value by adding color or texture. You can really create a spa feel when you have these kinds of doors line your shower. You are no longer just bathing, you are having an experience.

They make the space appear larger. Shower curtains cut the bathroom. They separate the shower from the rest of the space. That can be fine if yours is large but if it is not, you might want something that opens the room up the way only glass shower doors can. Light passes through and bounces off of them making the room bright and big.

They are easier to clean. While glass shower doors are easy to clean and keep clean, it is always a pain to wash shower curtains. That makes them the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. There are even products that will do most of the work to clean the glass shower doors while you are showing, easy!

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