How to Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Sparkly-Clean

Glass for ShowersGlass shower doors can give even the drabbest bathroom a sleek, modern-day feel. Additionally, with glass doors, you no longer have to worry about constantly changing curtains and liners. However, like any shower component, glass doors require regular cleaning to look their best. Fortunately, making these doors sparkle couldn’t be easier with the help of the following pointers.

Squeegee Daily

If you prefer to complete jobs a little bit at a time instead of allowing the work to pile up, get your hands on a high-quality squeegee. Thoroughly wiping your glass shower doors with a squeegee each day shouldn’t eat up more than a couple minutes of your time, and it will go a long way toward keeping said doors free of mold, mildew, soap scum and various other shower-centric contaminants. In the absence of a squeegee, a good microfiber cloth will do in a pinch.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

If you’re not a fan of chemical-laden over-the-counter cleaners, you’ll be pleased to learn that glass for showers can effectively be cleaned with a homemade solution. Simply mix half-a-cup of rubbing alcohol, half-a-cup of hydrogen peroxide and a single teaspoon of liquid dish soap. This solution is easy to make and every bit as effective at purging shower grime as its chemical-heavy contemporaries.

Look Into Bar Soap Alternatives

Getting rid of bar soap is a surprisingly effective way to put the kibosh on soap scum on glass shower doors. This is because the vast majority of bar soaps contain talc, which is notorious for producing soap scum. With this in mind, switch to liquid soaps or shower gels or keep an eye out for talc-free bar soaps.

When looking for ways to beautify your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with glass shower doors. In order to keep these doors looking their best, you’ll need to keep them nice and clean. Provided you’re armed with the tips discussed above, this should prove neither difficult nor time-consuming.

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