Looking for Custom Glass in Minneapolis?

Custom Glass in Minneapolis Can Transform Your Home

Custom glass solutions have a range of applications not just for homes, but for commercial properties, appliances, and so much more. Our custom glass in Minneapolis can help to offer practical solutions for various specific requirements as well as to add aesthetic value to a home or business premises.

Though custom glass solutions have various applications for diverse industrial settings, for homes there could be some exciting possibilities you may not yet have thought of. Read on to know more about your options for custom glass in Minneapolis.

Custom Glass Fitting, Repairing, and Replacement

Glass can be both beautiful and and very versatile. With glass you can be as ornate as you want and as understated as you want. You can be as transparent as you want and as opaque as you need to be.

Glass also comes in a range of strengths for when you need your glass to have certain security measures. So you can have an entire wall made from toughened or tempered glass. This not only looks beautiful, it helps create a clear demarcation with a room while letting in light and offering visibility. At the same time the glass is strong enough to perform its function as a wall.

Custom Glass in Minneapolis — Your Options

You can find a wide range of options where stunning and practical custom glass options are available for your home or your commercial premises: storm windows, safety glass and tinted glass. There are shower doors that range from the transparent to the translucent to the opaque.

There are mirrors that act not only as a reflective surface but also as design elements that effectively create the impression of greater space and which look beautiful as well: gray, clear, bronze, dark, beveled and antique mirrors, as well as vanity mirrors, mirrored walls, wardrobe doors, and loads of other options!

Our custom glass solutions can also create certain looks and finishes and colors: textured glass, art glass, fireplace glass and much more!

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