Save Money on Your Custom Glass in Minneapolis Repairs

Accidents happen. From neighborhood kids playing ball to a rock from the lawn mower, the glass in your home takes a beating. While not all accidents lead to shattering, it’s not uncommon for your windows to end up cracked, damaged, or just needing some help. However, replacing the entire window isn’t always affordable.

Before, a damaged pane of glass usually meant shelling out hundreds out-of-pocket to replace the entire window or windows in your home. Not anymore. With help from Glass and Mirror Outlet, you can finally replace the glass in your window without needing to buy an entirely new frame. Our custom glass in Minneapolis installations are perfect for those who have cracks, dings, or shattered glass in their home or commercial business.

Replace Your Custom Glass in Minneapolis

The hard part about glass replacement is when the glass in your home or office is a custom design. Although most glass companies will offer some sort of replacement work, not all of them will replace special glass. When you have custom glass in Minneapolis and need it replaced, our team can help. We’ll assess your situation, find a solution, and offer fast replacement when you need custom glass in Minneapolis. From double paned windows to vintage glass and windows, we can match the right glass to your original window.

Don’t fret if your beautiful textured glass has suddenly fallen victim to a rock or baseball. Our team can replace the window quickly and easily without taking too much time from your day. We carry a large variety of replacement glass on hand at all time. We don’t just replace window glass. We can also work on glass doors, glass walls, and glass mirrors within your home or office. Don’t worry if you have a large project, we can take on even the biggest glass mishap.

Before you go to another glass repair company that can’t focus on your custom glass in Minneapolis, give us a call. Glass and Mirror Outlet is designed with you in mind. Our team is happy to give you an assessment before starting any job, and we’ll be your best bet for working around you clouded, textured, or colored glass.

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