Shower Door Enclosure Styles

There’s one room in the house that we usually don’t associate with spending a lot of time in. Sure you probably spend most of your time split between the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, but there’s one room in the house that you spend more time in than you care to recognize. What is this room you ask? It’s the bathroom of course! People don’t realize how much time is spent in the bathroom, and like anyone, you’d want your bathroom to be as comfortable as possible and be a place that you can get away and relax. Adding a glass shower enclosure can rejuvenate an old bathroom and turn it into a personal retreat from the curveballs life throws at you. It may be confusing on where to start since there are several different enclosure styles and shower door replacement options, but we’ve laid out an easy to follow guide for you!

Generally, there are three different types of shower enclosure styles to choose from with different variances in glass thickness. A frameless style is a totally open look that looks like it’s floating off the floor. The enclosure is usually made of a combination of 3/8 inch and ½ inch thick glass for a clean look with low-profile hardware that doesn’t stand out and seem bulky. This makes it easier if the enclosure ever needs a shower door replacement. Semi-frameless enclosures feature ¼ glasses or 3/16 inch pattern glass and are in-between frameless and framed enclosures since it takes appointments from both. The hinge and connecting glass of the door are framed, and the edges are left frameless for the aforementioned look. Fully framed enclosures are just that, and the 3/16 inch glass is fully supported by framing on all sides giving it a boxier look. The handle is usually fixed to a side frame on the door.

We hope you find this guide informational and put some things into perspective in choosing which frameless shower to go with for your bathroom. Feel free to come visit us at our Hopkins showroom with any questions or ideas you may have for your bathroom or frameless shower door replacement!

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