Stay on Budget with Professional Glass Cutting in Minneapolis

Whether from a rock during lawn mowing or you’ve had a little accident, a chip, or crack in your window can happen any time. However, finding yourself with a sudden draft isn’t always affordable on the wallet. Many glass and window companies will charge you not just the replacement fee, but also the entire price of the window. That gets expensive.

If you splurge for energy-efficient options or have double panes, you’re looking at an even higher price. However, you don’t always need a full replacement to fix your issue. That’s where Glass and Mirror Outlet comes in handy. Our glass cutting in Minneapolis is the perfect choice for when you just need to replace the glass and not the entire window.

Save Money with Glass Cutting in Minneapolis

When windows are shattered, the first thing that goes through our minds is how we’re going to afford to fix it. From taking out a small loan to maxing out credit cards, homeowners are often plagued with more bills than they need. Glass and Mirror Outlet, Inc. can help you save more on your glass repair. Our team will come to your home for a free estimate on you glass. From there, we can decide which option is right. Our glass cutting in Minneapolis experts can craft a new pane for your windows or doors without needing a brand new replacement. We can simply switch out the shattered or broken glass for a new cut and you’ll never know the difference.

Our team can also replace broken mirrors or mirrored glass. If you’ve found yourself with seven years of bad luck, we’ll take a look. From large mirrors above vanities to smaller mirror murals or decorative options, we can find glass to fit. We offer custom glass cutting in Minneapolis to fit whatever mirrored items you have. We can custom fit mirrored furniture and glass tabletops as well.

When you’re ready to save money on your window, glass, or mirror replacement, call the Glass and Mirror Outlet, Inc. for custom glass. Our experts provide custom glass cutting in Minneapolis for whatever your needs are.

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