Why Choose Tempered Glass?

Glass is just that, glass, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t always that simple. There are many varieties of glass, including tempered glass, that serve different purposes in your home or business. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this article on a smart phone you’re probably using an item made of tempered glass right now.

What is tempered glass? Tempered glass, also referred to as safety glass, is a special kind of glass that is made to resist shattering. The glass is passed from a thermal process that makes it heat resistant and adds more durability to the glass. This process makes the glass five to ten times stronger than other types of glass.

The most important benefit of tempered glass is safety. Tempered glass reduces the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards. Another benefit of tempered glass is its strength. Because the process of heating and applying chemicals strengthens the glass, tempered glass is an excellent choice for windshields, home windows and iPhones.

Home Uses
Perhaps the most common appliances that use tempered glass are the microwave oven and the traditional baking oven. It is also ideal for refrigerator shelving, which must be able to bear a great deal of weight. Tempered glass is becoming increasingly popular in home windows as well because of its safety feature should it be broken.

Tempered glass is a smart choice in your home due to its benefits. This glass is much stronger and far more resistant to breakage than regular glass. Also, because it is highly durable, it will last a lot longer than regular glass. To find out more about tempered glass in Minneapolis, call us at 952-933-3223.

Tempered Glass — Minneapolis Glass Done Right

tempered glass in MinneapolisOf all the rooms in the modern day home, the one that seems to get the most attention for makeovers and is also one of the first ones to get remolded in the home is the bathroom. A lot happens in the bathroom and we spend a lot of time in there, day in and day out, week after week.

It makes sense that we want it to be relaxing, functional, and attractive. One of the first things many people do is revamp their shower/tub setup. Glass showers seem to be a popular item on the remodel list. Not only are tempered glass shower enclosures a wonderful way to improve the look of your bathroom, they also an add value to your home as a whole.

Did you know many benefits come with glass shower doors? Here are just a few you need to know about using tempered glass in Minneapolis bathrooms:


Kicking off your bathroom remodeling project with a glass shower door or enclosure adds a unique flare to your decor and can be a great way to show off your style in this frequently used room.


All quality glass enclosures are made from strong tempered glass, which holds up better than any other to the wear and tear of everyday use and those bumps and bangs that others can’t endure.


Tempered glass in Minneapolis is common in the bathroom because it can be used to create unique styles and designs that can be used in shower door and enclosures.


A glass shower is one upgrade you can do that will instantly add value to the home if you are selling, which makes for a quick and easy way to get more for your home on the market


A lot can be done with glass shower enclosures and there is a lot of versatility for style which allows you to create a look that is unique to you and your home’s decor.

To see firsthand how great tempered glass in Minneapolis can be, check out all the options available from Glass and Mirror Outlet!