Taking Care of Broken Glass Shelving – Minneapolis Glass Repair

Breaking a glass shelf stinks! Not only are you having to deal with the glass itself, you also have to cross your fingers and hope the breakables that you have on that shelf are not damaged as well! When it comes to Minneapolis glass repair services, the team at the Glass and Mirror Outlet are here to assist you. Our team of professionals is here to assist you when you break shelving and any other glass items, providing high-end replacements! Before you call us for Minneapolis glass repair help, here are some things you should do.

Most importantly, it’s vital that you clean up any broken glass pieces as fast as possible. This means making sure that any pets or small children are out of the way. You should put on a pair of dependable shoes before you approach the broken glass, as it’s hard to judge precisely how far the glass has gone. A good pair of rubber gloves is also helpful to prevent cuts and allow you to pick up any items that had been sitting on the shelf without cutting yourself.

Once you are protected, you should take this opportunity to clean up the larger pieces by hand. A double-layer plastic bag or strong paper back should be good for these pieces. After you have gotten the larger pieces up, you can either vacuum or sweep up the smaller pieces you can find. A vacuum with a hose attachment allows you to get into corners, under furniture, and anywhere else the glass pieces may be hiding. If you are using a broom, you should clean it afterwards to ensure no small glass fragments get stuck in it.

It’s not time to call us for Minneapolis glass repair services yet! There are always a few tiny glass shards that you can’t see, so you should take a piece of bread and press it over the ground in the area. Additionally, you need to wipe the area down with a damp paper towel to get any remaining pieces of dust.

The crew at the Glass and Mirror Outlet are always ready and willing to assist you with your Minneapolis glass repair needs. Not only do we work on shelving, our specialists are available to help with mirrors, glass partitions, shower enclosures, and tabletops. Contact us today at (952) 933-3223 to speak with us and make an appointment for Minneapolis glass repair and replacement services.

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