Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to bathrooms, we all want the same things – comfort, convenience and a little bit of luxury. After all, besides the heart of the home, the kitchen, and your bedroom, the bathroom is the other room in the house that you spend lots of time. Because you spend so much time there, it should have all of the luxuries and features that make it your own personal oasis from the outside world.

So what’s priority number one for a lux bathroom remodel – a walk-in shower, of course. There are many varieties to choose from in order to find the right style for your aesthetic, as well as your bathroom’s space. Walk-in showers are elegant and functional for any bathroom, so it just comes down to choosing which look gives you the most chic vibes.

First off, glass-enclosed showers make for your own personal spa at home. Create an airy, seamless look using glass shower walls, which let light filter in and a smooth transition throughout your bathroom.

If you’ve got a small bathroom you’ll want to focus on function and space. However, for a master bathroom with ample room, you’ll want to focus on comfort and style! Here are some top walk-in shower design ideas to get you inspired.

Shower and Steam Room Combo: Create your own private spa with a combination walk-in shower and steam room. You’ll reap the rewards while saving the space. Just incorporate a bench into your shower to enjoy your steam spa.

Doorless Glass Shower: Add a wooden floor and rain shower to complete this chic shower look.

Half-wall Shower: For a small bathroom, a half-wall shower is perfect. It still allows for that open-airy space, but without taking up too much room.

Glass walk-in showers give your bathroom a modern and fresh look and efficiently use the space that you have. Get started on your bathroom overhaul today with shower doors in Minneapolis. No matter what style you choose, Glass & Mirror Outlet, Inc. will have the perfect glass design to make it happen.

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